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Orange Velvet

An indica-dominant child of Orange Skunk, this bud brings a sociable, uplifted buzz


About Orange Velvet

A mostly indica bud from cannabis breeder MzJill Genetics, Orange Velvet (also known as Melvin), is believed to be a descendant of Orange Skunk and an unknown strain.

Orange Velvet's effects are often said to be uplifting, creative, and for some patients even arousing, inducing a talkative, sociable buzz for those who use this strain.

Calyxes of Orange Velvet often have a deep forest green color, and each is interspersed with long yellow pistils and chunky translucent trichomes.

As you can probably expect, Orange Velvet's flowers are known for their delicious citrus flavor, which blends sweet honey with notes of orange, grapefruit, and lemon.