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Pineapple Punch

A flavorful flower with uplifting effects, this sativa-dominant strain combines Skunk #1 and Real McCoy


About Pineapple Punch

Flying Dutchmen is the creator of the popular sativa-dominant hybrid Pineapple Punch, which a blend of Real McCoy and with their signature Skunk #1 cannabis strains.

Pineapple Punch earned its name from its delicious Hawaiian punch and pineapple flavor, and the scent of this strain is slightly skunky and reminiscent of a variety of tropical fruits.

This strain's flowers are regularly large and fluffy, and each of Pineapple Punch's lime green buds is speckled by orange pistils and a thorough coating of potent trichomes.

Cannabis patients who have tried Pineapple Punch have said that the strain is uplifting, providing a floating body buzz and a euphoric head high that leaves its user in a dream-like state.