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Pineapple Purple Skunk

Energetic and creative effects can be expected from this sativa-dominant blend of Pineapple and Purple Skunk strains


About Pineapple Purple Skunk

Combining genetics of Purple Skunk and Pineapple cannabis strains, the mostly sativa strain Pineapple Purple Skunk is revered for its tasty tropical flavor and the functional, energetic high it purports.

Expect Pineapple Purple Skunk's effects to start with an energetic buzz that spreads throughout mind and body, meanwhile, a euphoric, creative high invigorates the mind.

Buds of this strain are often moderately sized and have a light forest green or deep violet color, their fluffy structure is separated by long orange pistils and trichomes that look like a glistening dew covering each flower.

Pineapple Purple Skunk flowers produce a bright citrus scent, and the fruity aroma carries through to this strain's tropical, earthy flavor.