Platinum Wreck

A primarily sativa cross of Platinum OG and Trainwreck beloved for its uplifting and soothing buzz


About Platinum Wreck

Combining the famous strains Platinum OG and Trainwreck, Platinum Wreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a creative high and a relaxing body buzz.

Platinum Wreck buds have an earthy, sweet aroma, and the flavor of this bud is a fruit salad of apple, grapefruit, orange, and berry notes.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have experienced this strain note that it delivers a focused and giggly cerebral euphoria alongside its seriously relaxing physical effects.

Flowers of this fantastic strain are round and densely packed with deep mossy green colas which are each individually dotted with neon orange pistils and a halo of shimmering trichomes.

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