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Poochie Love

Developed by Archive Seed Bank, Poochie Love is a highly potent strain that is truly man's best friend


About Poochie Love

Archive Seed Bank is the creator of the powerful and adorably named strain Poochie Love, a child of Face Off OG and Dog Shit.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have tried this strain love the energetic and creative euphoria that Poochie Love produces, which is complemented by the strain's energetic physical effects.

The potency of the herbal, earthy strain Poochie Love has tested as high as 33% THC and under 1% CBD, which makes this strain suited to more experienced cannabis patients who have a higher tolerance.

Although buds of Poochie Love can be quite hard to come by, patients who have seen this describe its flowers as cone-shaped and earthy green in color, each fluffy nug decorated with thin, curling pistils and a layer of sparkly trichomes