Purple AK-47

Known for it's relaxing physical high, this indica-dominant strain blends Granddaddy Purple and AK-47 genetics


About Purple AK-47

A combination of the incredibly popular strains AK-47 and Granddaddy Purple, Purple AK-47 is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its relaxing physical effects.

Cannabis patients who have experienced this strain say it has very strong physical effects, inducing a sedative, tingly body buzz alongside a mellow yet euphoric head high that makes this strain ideal for evening use.

Often, Purple AK-47's flowers are recognizable for their woody, earthy musk, as well as the strain's flavor which is made up of grape, blueberry, blackberry, and pine notes.

Because Purple AK-47 is somewhat rare, information about this strain can be quite hard to find. So, if you have experienced Purple AK-47, please leave a comment below to inform other members of the Leafist community.

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