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Purple Drank

Purple Drank

This phenotype of Ken's Kush provides a creeping couch potato buzz


About Purple Drank

Commonly called by its other name Mr. Tusk, Purple Drank is a heavily effective indica-dominant cannabis strain that is allegedly a phenotype of the original Kens's Kush. A creation of Kushman Veganics, most people connect this strain to Riot Seeds, who is the leading company growing and selling the plant and its seeds.

Riot Seeds began the process of creating Purple Drank with its Girl Scout Cookie S1 seeds, looking for either diversity or uniformity, as well as to test for sexual stability. The Purple Drank strain is one of the resulting strains from this. Specifically, it is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies Ellie Cut with WCD710 strains. The result is 35 percent sativa and 65 percent indica.

Cannabinoid Content

The typical cannabinoid content of Purple Drank is between 15 and 23 percent THC.


Purple Drank's deep mossy green flowers possess a crown of golden tendril-like pistils and a glittering crown of trichomes. The buds of this strain are large and dark green, with a dense arrangement, featuring tones of purple and blue. This is all covered in dark red hairs that feature a thick layer of resin.

It has a true purple, hence the name of this strain. The fact that it is a true purple strain means that no matter its growing conditions, you will always get that deep purple color. Most purple strains require specific growing requirements to turn purple.


Purple Drank's high tends to be, at first, very uplifting and giggly, and as this strain's effects continue, it tends to be thoroughly relaxing. Using this strain typically results in feeling cozy and warm, with stress and pain melting away. The result is a happy mind and some giggles.

Overall, the effects of Purple Drank tend to be strongly cerebral, with a noticeable change in mood. At the same time, you get physical relief that is sometimes strong enough to knock the user out. Even so, most users report the ability to remain in control and clear-headed without any problem.

Some people choose to use Purple Drank as a way to experience relief from back pain. It is also very good at relieving insomnia due to its ability to knock the user out. It can also help with tension.

Many people who use Purple Drank note that the effects begin incredibly quickly. Some experience onset within five minutes, starting behind the eyes and working over the scalp before heading down to the spine. Those who experience the early onset of effects typically notice them lasting for 1.5 to 2 hours overall.

Flavor and Aroma

As the name implies, smoking or otherwise consuming Purple Drank will let you taste its citric and grape flavors. The flavor is similar to a bottle of grape syrup.

Smelling the strain without smoking it will give you the impression of sweetness, sourness, and pine. Breaking up a nug turns the smell into one that is sweeter with a hint of pine. Once it is well ground, the pulp smells sweet and has a robust, woody flavor associated with smoke.

Other Information to Know

If you choose to grow your own Purple Drank, you can do so either indoors or outdoors. Cultivating the plant inside typically results in a flowering time of around 56 days. It can take as long as 70 days for flowering to occur. Expect growing Purple Drank to be moderately challenging and deliver a yield of 1.63 ounces per square foot, give or take.

Those with experience using Purple Drank suggest using it at night due to its effects.