Purple Martian Kush

A cross of Blackberry Kush, Martian Mean Green, and Purple Kush, this indica-dominant strain uplifts and soothes


About Purple Martian Kush

An indica-dominant strain that can be quite difficult to find, Purple Martian Kush resulted from a marriage of Blackberry Kush, Martian Mean Green, and Purple Kush genetics.

Though this strain can be difficult to find, patients love Purple Martian Kush's relaxing, sedative body buzz and its uplifting, happy head effects.

Purple Martian Kush buds are fluffy and quite lumpy, each desaturated green flower obscured by a halo of white trichomes and patches of tangled orange pistils.

Expect Purple Martian Kush flowers to have an understated, earthy aroma, which becomes sweet and surprisingly fruity when this cannabis strain is smoked or vaporized.

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