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Purple Maui

This sativa-dominant hybrd of Maui Wowie and Granddaddy Purple brings unmatched energy and euphoria


About Purple Maui

Sometimes called Maui Purple, Purple Maui is an invigorating sativa-dominant blend of Granddaddy Purple and Maui Wowie known for it's energizing physical and mental buzz.

Flowers of Purple Maui are fluffy and have a deep olive green hue, each of which is encased in a sparkling glaze of trichomes and thin, curly orange pistils.

As you may expect, this strain has a fruity, tropical flavor and an aroma that blends refreshing pine with pineapple and mango scents.

Purple Maui's effects are notoriously energetic and uplifting, providing a mellow high that is creative, focusing, and tends to produce a talkative effect.