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Purple Paralysis

This sativa-dominant blend of Lavender and Power plant will have you locked to your couch


About Purple Paralysis

A mostly sativa strain sometimes referred to as Jellyfish Bud, cannabis breeder Cream of the Crop created Purple Paralysis from the fabulous Lavender and Power Plant cannabis strains.

Buds of Purple Paralysis are fluffy, cone-shaped, and often a light leafy green color, and each bud is snow-capped by shimmering translucent trichomes and more than a few reddish pistils.

Patients who have experience with this somewhat rare strain note that it provides an exceptionally relaxing high though its cerebral effects are surprisingly stimulating and thoroughly uplifting.

Expect these buds to have an earthy and pleasantly floral aroma that is complemented by the strain's delightful lavender, honey, and blueberry flavor.