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Purple Trainwreck

Purple Trainwreck

A cross of Trainwreck and GDP said to bring an idyllically uplifting high


About Purple Trainwreck

Sometimes referred to by its other name, Granddaddy Wreck, Purple Trainwreck, is an indica dominant hybrid strain from Humboldt Seed Organization, which combines the ridiculously popular cannabis strains Mendocino Purps with Trainwreck into an uplifting and energetic bud.

Buds of Purple Trainwreck tend to be deep purple in hue, and each one of them is covered in a blanket of shimmering trichomes and patches of deep orange pistils.

This strain's flowers have a pungent earthy scent, but their taste is much sweeter than you might expect, blending together flavors of blueberry, blackberry, and grape.

Cannabis patients who have tried this strain note that its effects are largely cerebral, providing a focused, talkative head high that makes this strain ideal for daytime medication.