Raskal OG

A sativa-dominant combination of Fire Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush said to bring a thoroughly sedative high
About Raskal OG

Crossing genetics from San Fernando Valley OG Kush and Fire Kush, Raskal OG is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain beloved for its stimulating buzz.

Cannabis patients who have experienced Raskal OG describe the strain's buds as fluffy and a desaturated sage green hue, their calyxes each individually covered with sparkling trichomes and patches of reddish pistils.

Raskal OG brings a giggly, uplifted cerebral effects, and a thoroughly relaxing body buzz that effectively soothes pain and sedates its user.

Expect Raskal OG to have an earthy, kush-like pungency, and a flavor that is a blend of tart lemon and a sweet, honey candy-like taste.

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