Red Diesel

This energizing sativa-dominant cross of California Orange and NYC Diesel has a citrus fruit flavor and happy effects


About Red Diesel

Allegedly, this fragrant sativa-dominant cannabis strain blends the genetics of NYC Diesel with California Orange, resulting in a hybrid that delivers a euphoric, energetic buzz.

Buds of Red Deisel tend to have a desaturated lime green hue and each of this strain's fluffy, lumpy buds possesses a tangle of red pistils and translucent trichomes.

Cannabis users who have tried Red Diesel note that this strain is physically and cerebrally invigorating, leading to an energized, happy high that is ideal for doing chores or working on creative projects.

Expect this strain to have an aroma that is simultaneously pungent and refreshing, as this strain has an unmistakable orange flavor with a hint of intense diesel fragrance.

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