Redd Cross

Blending genetics from Spirit of '76 and an Afghani strain, this indica-dominant hybrid soothes and uplifts its user


About Redd Cross

Developed by Genetics Gone Mad, the indica-dominant cannabis strain Redd Cross combines an Afghani indica strain with Spirit of '76.

When you find flowers of Redd Cross, you'll find that the strain produces a sandalwood and floral aroma, but as soon as this strain is vaporized or smoked the strain takes on a sweet and sour citrus flavor.

Redd Cross's buds are fluffy and cone-shaped, each of the strain's flowers is encased in a fur of glistening trichomes and small patches of short golden pistils.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have experienced Redd Cross' effects note that the strain delivers a high that is both uplifting and relaxing.

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