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A mostly sativa blend of Himalayan Sativa and Skunk #1 said to bring an happy, invigorating, and giggly high


About Rene

Rene is a very rare sativa-dominant cannabis strain named after the famed marijuana activist Renee Boje said to combine Himalayan Sativa and Skunk #1 genetics.

Generally, Rene's buds have an earthy yet pungent fragrance, but the flavor of this strain is said to blend citrus, pine, and honey flavors.

Rene's effects tend to be mostly uplifting, bringing an energizing, stimulating, and giggly high that brings a sociable spirit to many who use this cannabis strain.

Expect flowers of Rene to be minute in size and very fluffy and their olive-colored flowers are decorated with fine trichomes and small patches of neon orange pistils.