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Rocky Mountain Blueberry

Rocky Mountain Blueberry

A mostly indica strain derived from Blueberry and Shishkaberry known for its stimulating, happy buzz


About Rocky Mountain Blueberry

Shishkaberry was crossed with the famous Californian strain Blueberry to create the stimulating indica-dominant cannabis strain Rocky Mountain Blueberry.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have sampled Rocky Mountain Blueberry's effects have said that it produces a thoroughly stimulating yet relaxing body buzz alongside the strain's more creative and uplifted cerebral high.

Rocky Mountain Blueberry buds have a blueberry, sage, and mint aroma, and when you taste this cannabis strain you're likely to taste its candy-like blueberry candy flavor.

Much like this strain's delectable flavor, Rocky Mountain Blueberry's leaf green buds are quite attractive, as each fluffy flower is individually decorated with patches of orange pistils and a halo of trichomes.