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Romulan Haze

Enjoyed for its functional yet relaxing buzz, Romulan Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid from Next Generation Seeds


About Romulan Haze

Next Generation Seeds created this sativa-dominant cannabis strain when they combined Super Silver Haze and Romulan genetics into a superbly uplifting hybrid.

Romulan Haze's effects are relaxing, uplifting, and functional, and this strain is rumored to produce a creative, dreamy effect.

This strain's flowers are earthy, pungent, and very skunky, but take on a citrus and honey flavor when this strain is vaporized or smoked.

Buds of Romulan Haze are undersized but almost impossibly dense, and each of them is sparkling due to their dew of trichomes and patches of thick golden pistils.