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Rudeboi OG

Face Off OG and Irene OG came together to form this fully relaxing indica-dominant hybrid strain


About Rudeboi OG

Rudeboi OG is a mostly indica cannabis strain resulting from a cross of Irene OG and Face Off OG resulting in a powerfully euphoric and relaxing hybrid.

Expect Rudeboi OG's flowers to be spade-shaped, fluffy, and a sage green hue, each of them individually decorated with a layer of shimmering trichomes and patches of small fiery pistils.

These gorgeous buds tend to have a sandalwood and chai-like spicy aroma, and as soon as this strain is vaporized or smoked you are likely to notice it's nutty, fruity, absolutely delicious flavor.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have experienced Rudeboi OG's effects begin with a creeping full-body buzz, which is complemented by this strain's happy clear-headed high.