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This utopian sativa-dominant hybrid strain blends 9 Pound Hammer and Fudo Myo-o genetics into a blissful hybrid


About Shangri-La

Named after the legendary sacred valley, Shangri-La is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that combines 9 Pound Hammer and Fudo Myo-o (Japanese indica-dominant landrace) genetics originally created by Jinxproof Genetics.

Shangri-La's high is rumored to begin with an uplifting burst of creative energy, followed by a mellow but relaxing physical buzz.

Flowers of this strain have an understated earthy, nutty pungency, but its flavor is completely different, tasting just like a refreshing lemon candy.

These buds tend to be light leafy green in color, and their fluffy, round structure is decorated with a halo of shimmering trichomes and curling orange pistils.