Shining Silver Haze

A talkative, euphoric sativa-dominant hybrid that was parented by Super Silver Haze and Haze genetics
About Shining Silver Haze

Originally developed by Royal Queen Seeds, Shining Silver Haze is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid parented by Haze and Super Silver Haze.

Those who have been lucky enough to find Shining Silver Haze note that the strain provides a focused, euphoric, and talkative cerebral buzz and physical effects that are mildly relaxing.

Shining Silver Haze flowers are leafy and a bright forest green hue, each of their gorgeous calyxes decorated with a halo of golden pistils and shimmering, translucent trichomes.

The scent of Shining Silver Haze is, unsurprisingly, haze-like, though the flavor of this cannabis strain is sweet, citrusy, and sage-like.

1 Review
6 months ago
Like a rare boring episode of The Office, Shining Silver Haze is hard to find strong Sativa Dominant strain with buds that are dark green with neon orange "hairs" covered by a thin, but bright resin layer and a delightful citric smell. Its effects leaves the user feeling extremely focused, leaving everything around non important and hazy as the body becomes comfortable in any situation given. Shining Silver Haze has a peppery/lemon taste and is one of those strains you could find it everywhere.
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