Sierra Mist

A euphoric hybrid strain with a delicious lemon-lime flavor
About Sierra Mist

Sierra Mist is an extremely rare hybrid strain with an unknown genetic heritage. 

Sierra Mist was allegedly named for its soda-like lemon and lime flavor, though the strain's scent is earthy and similarly tangy. 

These buds have a deep lime green color, their fluffy, irregularly-shaped flowers each individually decorated with sparkling trichomes and deep tangerine pistils. 

You can generally expect Sierra Mist's effects to be physically soothing and relaxing, and its cerebral high is uplifting, creative, energizing, and sociable.

1 Review
6 months ago
Besides its' popular name, Sierra Mist is a rare fun Hybrid strain with beautiful dark purple and bright green buds, covered by dark red "hairs" and an amazing lime zesty smell. Its effects will leave the user feeling very sociable, as the mind feel creative and open to new ideas as the body feels pain free and surprisingly tingly and energetic. Sierra Mist taste exactly like that names suggests.
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