Silver Kush

A giggly sativa-dominant blend of Silver Bubble and OG #18 created by DNA Genetics
About Silver Kush

This sativa-dominant blend of OG #18 and Silver Bubble is one of the Reserva Privada strains created by DNA Genetics.

Silver Kush's effects are relaxing physically, but the cerebral side of this cannabis strain is giggly, creative, and superbly uplifting.

Flowers of Silver Kush are deep, mossy green and beautifully fluffy, each of them is individually decorated with sparkling translucent trichomes and small patches of curly pistils.

These buds have an earthy sandalwood pungency, but as soon as the strain is smoked it takes on a refreshing lemongrass and honey aroma.

1 Review
3 months ago
Silver Kush is a very enjoyable Sativa Dominant strain with frosty shiny buds that are light matte green with a few dark brown "hairs" and a smooth spearmint smell. Its effects will energized the user, leaving the mind creative and giggly as the body becomes "quiet" and tingly buzzed. Silver Kush has an unique spicy minty taste and is great for patients looking to start the day without any pain or stress.
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