Silver Surfer

A mostly sativa cannabis strain known for its uplifting, energizing high
About Silver Surfer

This sativa-dominant cannabis strain is known for its spacey, energizing high, and is thought to be a blend of the famous strains Blue Dream and Super Silver Haze.

Silver Surfer's buds are a desaturated sage green color that is almost completely obscured by a haze of silver trichomes and patches of curly, peach-colored pistils.

Those who have had experience with Silver Surfer tend to describe this strain as euphoric, uplifting, and energizing.

These gorgeous flowers have an intriguing earthy pine scent that is complemented by its sweet, maple syrup-like flavor that is very unique.

1 Review
3 months ago
A popular Sativa Dominant strain, Silver Surfer has dark matte green buds covered by long bright orange "hairs" and a fresh air forest smell. Its effects leaves the user feeling super energetic and focused but keeps the mind and body very relaxed and mellow. Silver Surfer can sometimes last up to 4 hours, and has a warm cream soda taste.
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