Silver Train

A sativa-dominant blend of Super Silver Haze and Trainwreck genetics beloved for its creative, stimulating high
About Silver Train

Trainwreck and Super Silver Haze were crossed to create this sativa-dominant hybrid strain, best known for its uplifting hear high.

This strain can be quite rare to find, but those who have seen this strain note that it has a pungent odor but when smoked you can expect it to take on a sugary, earthy, pine-like flavor.

Silver Train's effects are rumored to be energizing, as it brings an uplifting, focused, and creative high with pronounced stimulating physical effects.

Flowers of this strain have a desaturated jade green color, each cone-shaped bud individually decorated with curling auburn pistils and a halo of sparkling trichomes.

1 Review
5 months ago
Silver Train is a hard to find Sativa Dominant strain with small shiny buds that are light green with some long dark orange "hairs" and a strong citric lime smell. Its effects will leave the user feeling very euphoric and stimulated as the mind feels creative and body motivated and pain free. Silver Train has a eucalyptus and cream tea taste.
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