Sirius Black

A thoroughly relaxing indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its deep purple buds
About Sirius Black

An indica-dominant strain originating from Portland, Oregon, Sirius Black is a deep purple cannabis strain with a mysterious genetic heritage.

Flowers of Sirius Black are a deep purple cannabis hue, their gorgeous, fluffy calxes each individually decorated with shimmering iridescent trichomes and patches of orange pistils.

Sirius Black's uniquely beautiful buds are known for their fruity, blueberry, grape, and blackberry flavor, which is complemented by its musky scent.

This strain's effects tend to be relaxing and often sedative physically and they are well known for their uplifting, creative cerebral buzz.

1 Review
6 months ago
A very interesting Indica Dominant strain, Sirius Black is a perfect late night strain. Its' buds are large but fluffy with beautiful neon purple colored with bright orange hairs covered by tiny trichomes. Sirius Black will wrapped the body and mind with a warm tingly blanket that leaves the user pain/stress free and happy for a long period of time. As the high starts to come down, users will feel very sleepy. Sirius Black has a delicious Grape Kool Aid taste with a sweet berry smell.
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