Skunk 47

A mostly indica hybrid of Skunk #1 and AK-47 genetics beloved for bringing an intensely relaxing high
About Skunk 47

A clear child of AK-47 and Skunk #1 parents, Skunk 47 is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its natural pungency, fast budding time, and resistance to many kinds of mold.

As you may expect, Skunk 47 has a naturally skunky aroma, but its flavor is more chemical and somewhat pine-like.

Skunk 47's buds are long with pointed tips, their densely packed calyxes individually accented with short orange pistils and sparkling trichomes.

Effects of this strain have been described as extremely physically relaxing, and Skunk 47's cerebral high is mellow but somewhat uplifting.

1 Review
6 months ago
Skunk 47 is a strong Indica Dominant strain with dense green and light orange buds covered by a few dark orange "hairs" and a strong skunky smell. Its effects keeps the user very sleepy as the body stays "numb' and heavy as the mind stays hazy and sleepy. Skunk 47 has sour earthy tea taste. Patients looking for nausea and stress relief should give this strain a try.
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