Skunk Haze

A mostly sativa blend of Haze and Skunk genetics known for bringing a focused yet relaxing buzz
About Skunk Haze

Mr. Nice Seeds developed the successful sativa-dominant hybrid strain Skunk Haze, a clear combination of the popular cannabis strains Haze and Skunk.

High-CBD and high-THC varieties of this strain exist, and you can generally expect Skunk Haze's buds to have a skunky, hash-like aroma and flavor.

Skunk Haze's flowers are lumpy and long, their attractive, oversized calyxes adorned with a halo of peach-colored pistils and light trichomes.

Those who have experienced Skunk Haze's effects have described this strain as cerebrally focused and uplifting and primarily relaxing physically, which makes this strain suited for creative personal projects.

1 Review
6 months ago
Skunk Haze is a Sativa Dominant strain with large matte green buds with bright "fire" orange "hairs" and a peppery dusty smell. Its effects will leaves the user feeling very focus and motivated as the mind stays clear and body stimulated. Skunk Haze has a unique sweet refreshing lemonade taste. Skunk Haze is a great strain for patients looking for an anxiety free day.
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