Blueberry and Skunk were combined to create this popular and pungent hybrid

About Skunkberry

Derived from a combination of the very popular strains Skunk and Blueberry, Skunkberry is a sedative hybrid known for its uniquely pungent aroma.

This strain's scent is, of course, extremely skunky but it also has a fruity element as well, while the flavor of Skunkberrry blends notes of blueberry with a musky, earthy flavor.

Skunkberry's flowers are lumpy and quite irregularly shaped, but each of their grass green buds is accented with an array of reddish pistils and shimmering trichomes.

The effects of Skunkberry tend to be euphoric and giggly, meanwhile, the physical side of this strain delivers a pleasantly relaxing and often sedative high.

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