Smooth Operator


A rare hybrid of Purple Trainwreck and Rug Burn OG said to bring a smooth buzz

About Smooth Operator

A creation of Colorado Seed Inc., Smooth Operator combines Rug Burn OG and Purple Trainwreck into a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid strain with a unique aroma.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have encountered Smooth Operator note that this strain's attractive flowers give off a spicy diesel-like pungency, and have a fruit-flavored candy like flavor with an interesting hint of peppery spice.

Smooth Operator's high begins with a clear-headed and focused cerebral buzz, but the physical effects of this strain are superbly relaxing.

You can generally expect Smooth Operator's leafy buds to be a light yellow-green color that is accented with burnt orange pistils and a glistening layer of trichomes.

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