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Snoop's Dream

A powerful indica-dominant combination of Master Kush and Blue Dream named after Snoop Dogg himself


About Snoop's Dream

A strain named after one of the most famous rappers and cannabis lovers of all time, Snoop's Dream is the result of an indica-dominant cross of Blue Dream and Master Kush.

Those who have seen Snoop's Dream buds report that they are fluffy and deep mossy green in color, and each of them is coated in sparkling trichomes and furry orange pistils.

The effects of Snoop's Dream tend to be cerebrally uplifting and physically extremely relaxing, as it brings a tingly body buzz.

Expect for Snoop's Dream's flowers to give off a pungent, earthy scent, and their flavor tends to be fruity, blending together sweet notes of berries and honey.