Sojay Haze

An energizing sativa-dominant strain derived from Grape FX and BC Big Bud
About Sojay Haze

A strain originally created by of Cresco Labs, Sojay Haze is a sativa-dominant blend of BC Big Bud and Grape FX that is said to bring a superb sense of bliss.

Flowers of Sojay Haze tend to be fluffy, and each of this strains leaf green flowers is individually coated in sparkling trichomes and patches of reddish pistils.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have tried Sojay Haze have described this cannabis strain as mostly cerebral, as it provides a euphoric, energizing, and creativity-inducing buzz.

When you encounter Sojay Haze's buds you'll discover that this strain has a naturally pungent, perfume-like floral scent, and this strain's flavor is a sweet-yet-sour combination of berry and citrus fruit notes.

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