Sour Amnesia

A high-potency mostly sativa hybrid, thought to combine Sour Diesel and Amnesia parent strains
About Sour Amnesia

The powerful sativa-dominant hybrid strain Sour Amnesia is the child of the incredibly popular strains Amnesia and Sour Diesel, and won second place in the Best Sativa competition in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Flowers of Sour Amnesia have a scent that is, unsurprisingly, quite sour, and when smoked this strain takes on a sweeter tangy citrus flavor.

Sour Amnesia's high is rumored to be mostly cerebral, and it brings a buzz that is euphoric, creativity-inducing, and also mentally and physically energetic.

The potency of Sour Amnesia has been recorded at about 23%, and you can expect this strain's light green flowers to be covered in a light layer of sparkling trichomes and lemon yellow pistils.

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