Sour Bubble

A bubbly indica-dominant descendent of BOG Bubble with thoroughly sedative effects
About Sour Bubble

B.O.G. Seeds created Sour Bubble, the indica-dominant child of the bubblegum-flavored cannabis strain BOG Bubble.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have been lucky enough to try Sour Bubble report that it produces an uplifting yet sedating high, which makes this strain well suited for evening use.

Sour Bubble flowers tend to be a pale green color, though each calyx's surface is completely obscured by a blanket of beautiful trichomes and deep red pistils.

You can generally expect Sour Bubble's buds to have an unignorable earthy pungency, and when you smoke or vaporize this strain you might notice it has a sweet yet sour bubblegum-like flavor.

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