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Sour Chocolate

A mostly sativa cannabis strain with a chocolatey flavor and a blissful head high


About Sour Chocolate

Sour Chocolate is an intriguing sativa-dominant cannabis strain best known for the blissful and energetic high it delivers.

Expect flowers of this chocolatey strain to be fluffy, leafy, and a saturated pine tree green hue, and each of Sour Chocolate's beautiful buds is covered in a fur of auburn pistils and sparkling trichomes.

Some say that Sour Chocolate is derived from a cross of Chocolope and East Coast Sour Diesel, and you can expect this strain to have a seductive coffee scent and a rich chocolatey flavor.

Allegedly, the effects that Sour Chocolate provide are cerebrally uplifting, euphoric, and bring a creative state of mind, but physically this strain can be quite sedative.