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Sour Dream

A particularly heady mostly sativa hybrid resulting from a cross of the famed strains Blue Dream and Sour Diesel


About Sour Dream

A stimulating sativa-dominant child of the fabulously famous strains Sour Diesel and Blue Dream, Sour Dream is best known for its dreamy, delightful high.

Expect buds of Sour Dream to be cone-shaped and a light aloe green hue, though their calyxes are almost totally obscured by a haze of shimmering trichomes and patches of bright orange pistils.

The high delivered by Sour Dream is said to be mostly cerebral, as those who have tried this somewhat rare strain report that it brings an energetic head buzz ideal for stimulating creative thought.

Generally, the beautiful buds of this strain will give off a pungent aroma similar to its Sour Diesel parent, and when Sour Dream is smoked or vaporize you're likely to notice it takes on a somewhat sweeter berry and tobacco flavor.