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Sour Grape

A flavorful hybrid of Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel with a powerfully stimulating high


About Sour Grape

A sweet yet sour hybrid strain, Sour Grape combines genetics from Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel into a calming yet stimulating hybrid.

The scent of Sour Grape is very reminiscent of the strain's Sour Diesel parentage, but when vaporized or smoke it's likely to take on a sweet grape candy-like flavor.

Sour Grape's effects are noted to be stimulating cerebrally and physically, as this strain brings creative thoughts and a relaxed yet tingly body buzz.

Flowers of Sour Grape are round and dense, and their multicolored green and purple buds are each decorated with a snowy coat of trichomes and patches of bright orange pistils.