Sour Haze

Thought to be parented by Sour Diesel and an unknown Haze strain, this bud packs a euphoric punch
About Sour Haze

A sativa-dominant daughter of the popular strain Sour Diesel and an unknown derivative of Haze, Sour Haze is known for its superbly blissful high.

Flowers of Sour Haze are a rich leafy green hue, but their fluffy calyxes are individually encased in a snowy blanket of trichomes and a fur of long reddish pistils.

These sparkling buds give off a Diesel and citrus fruit aroma that is quite tangy, and when vaporized or smoked the flavor this strain takes on is similarly sweet yet sour.

Sour Haze's effects tend to be mostly energizing, as the strain stimulates creative thought and a happy, laughter-inducing buzz.

1 Review
3 months ago
Sour Haze is a powerful Sativa strain with small bright green and yellowish buds covered by dark reddish "hairs" sweet pungent diesel smell. Its effects leaves the user feeling easily stimulated as the mind is rushed by a creative and euphoric wave that can sometimes leave the user a bit confused a first while the body feels tingly and ready for action. Sour Haze has a warm sour lemonade and its' effects are long lasting.
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