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Sour Jilly

An uplifting descendent of Jilly Bean with a delectably delicious fruit candy flavor


About Sour Jilly

This hybrid strain was derived from the fan favorite Jilly Bean and is said to provide an uplifting buzz.

Buds of Sour Jilly tend to be fluffy and rather small in size, their delicate calyxes interrupted by thick red pistils and a halo of shimmering trichomes.

Those who have felt the effects of Sour Jilly say the strain provides a stimulating physical buzz and a head high that is energizing, focused, and euphoric.

Sour Jilly's aroma is earthy and super sweet, which makes sense as this strain's flavor blends fruit flavors like blackberry, blueberry, lemon, and grapefruit into a delectable candy-like taste.