Sour Strawberry Diesel


A somewhat rare hybrid of Turbo Diesel and Sour Strawberry with an relaxing high and a delectable flavor

About Sour Strawberry Diesel

A hybrid of the fabulous cannabis strains Sour Strawberry and Turbo Diesel, Sour Strawberry Diesel provides a powerfully uplifting buzz.

Flowers of Sour Strawberry diesel have a chunky cone-shaped structure, their dense light green calyxes are shrouded in glittering trichomes and small patches of fine golden pistils.

Sour Strawberry Diesel's high as being relaxing physically, as it brings pain-relieving sedative effects that complement the strain's euphoric yet calm buzz.

As you likely expect, this strain has a sour citrus and diesel scent and the flavor that this strain produces when it is smoked or vaporized is just like fresh tangy strawberries.

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