Sour Sunset

An indica-dominant strain that is said to stimulate creative thought, this bud combines Secret Sherbet and Sour Diesel
About Sour Sunset

Sour Sunset is a uniquely powerful indica-dominant cannabis strain from DNA Genetics, and it was created when Secret Sherbet was crossed with AJ's Sour Diesel.

Flowers of this cannabis strain give off a seductive fruity aroma that is quite earthy, but when Sour Sunset is vaporized or smoked you're likely to experience its sherbet-like creamy tropical fruit flavor.

Sour Sunset's buds are also beloved for their appearance, as this strain is known to produce large, lengthy green buds that are each equally decorated in sparkling trichomes and bright yellow pistils.

The effects of Sour Sunset have been described by some cannabis enthusiasts as euphoric yet simultaneously relaxing, and it is said that this strain helps some to stimulate creative thought.

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