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Sour Urkle

An odorous cross of Purple Urkle and Sour Diesel said to bring a uniquely uplifting and sedating buzz


About Sour Urkle

Sour Urkle is a hybrid that was created when the strains Purple Urkle and Sour Diesel were crossed, resulting in a skunky strain with a very relaxing buzz.

Cannabis lovers who have experienced the high that Sour Urkle provides note that this strain's effects are delightfully relaxing and completely uplifting.

Buds of Sour Urkle are similarly impressive, as this strain's fluffy purple and green calyxes are each encased in a shimmering coat of trichomes and long orange pistils.

As I already mentioned, this strain has a pungent, skunky odor but the flavor that comes when you smoke Sour Urkel is surprisingly sweet and fruity.