Space Monster

A powerful indica-dominant cannabis strain said to be a relative of Agfhani
About Space Monster

This indica-dominant cannabis strain is allegedly descended from Afghani and is rumored to deliver a totally relaxing buzz.

Buds of Space Monster give off a pungent, fruity, and seductively spicy scent, and when you smoke this strain you are likely to find it has a somewhat chemical berry and grape candy flavor.

Space Monster's flowers are fluffy and a very light green color and each leafy calyx of this unique strain is coated in a dew of crystalline trichomes and a halo of golden trichomes.

The buzz provided by Space Monster is thoroughly sedating and relaxing, and the mental side of this strain is said to provide a stimulating burst of euphoria.

1 Review
4 months ago
Don't be scared from this one!! The only damaged Space Monster can do is to your refrigerator. Space Monster is a mellow Indica Dominant strain with delicate dark green buds with purple tips covered by a thick crystal clear resin layer with an addictive spicy/berry smell. Its' effects leaves the user feeling stoney in minutes as the mind slows down and becomes a bit hazy as the body stays couch locked and pain free. Space Monster has a grape Gatorade flavor and is great for patients looking for pain and insomnia relief.
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