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Special Kush #1

This sedating indica-dominant hybrid strain combines two landraces


About Special Kush #1

Special Kush #1 is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that was born to two landrace cannabis strains, one from Pakistan and one from Afghanistan.

The high that Special Kush #1 provides is said to be thoroughly relaxing both physically and mentally, though it also brings a pleasantly uplifted head effect as well.

Flowers of this awesome strain are a golden-green hue, and each of these buds' oversized fluffy calyxes is completely encased in a dew of sparkling trichomes and patches of bright orange pistils.

An earthy grape-candy scent will waft from Special Kush #1's gorgeous buds, but once this strain is smoked you can expect it to bring a sweet, fruity black tea flavor that is said to be simply divine.