Star Berry Indica

This supremely sedative indica-dominant hybrid was parented by cannabis giants Sensi Star and Blueberry
About Star Berry Indica

Created by CannaVenture, Star Berry Indica is an indica-dominant hybrid that was parented by the strains Blueberry and Sensi Star and is known for producing a completely relaxing yet still blissful buzz.

Star Berry Indica's buds are dense yet fluffy, and their cone-shaped lime green calyxes are covered in translucent trichomes and patches of curly tangerine pistils.

Of course, these buds have a decedent earthy blueberry flavor due to their Blueberry heritage, but the scent of these strains is earthy, sweet, and somehow smells of citrus fruit.

Cannabis connoisseurs who have been lucky enough to try Star Berry Indica report that this strain has a deeply sedative high that generally leads its user to a blissful, restful sleep.

1 Review
5 months ago
Star Berry Indica is an almost full Indica Dominant strain with fluffy bright green with purple hues buds covered by dark reddish orange "hairs" and a pungent citric smell. Its' effects leaves the user very relaxed, as the mind is wrapped by a care free blanket that slows time for a little bit as the body becomes sedated and sleepy. Star Berry Indica has a berry flavor with a citric hint and is a great strain for those looking insomnia, pain and stress relief.
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