A star-studded indica-dominant hybrid with a mysterious genetic past, said to bring a thoroughly relaxing high
About Starbud

HortiLab's signature indica-dominant cannabis strain, no one is certain what the genetic lineage of this unique hybrid is.

One of the first things you are likely to notice about Starbud is the glittering coat of trichomes that cover each of this strain's attractive emerald green flowers, separated only by patches of blood orange-colored pistils.

Starbud's aroma is pungent and some say smells slightly chemical, and when vaporized or smoked this strain takes on a peppery hash and diesel flavor that is quite intriguing.

Those who have been lucky enough to encounter Starbud say that this unique strain brings a body buzz that is entirely relaxing, euphoric, and even quite sedative, making this strain ideal for evening medication.

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