Stevie Wonder

A complex sativa-dominant hybrid strain that will give you something to sing about


About Stevie Wonder

Crossing the popular cannabis strains Bubba Kush, Blueberry, Sensi Star, and Trainwreck, Stevie Wonder is a mostly sativa hybrid strain named after the esteemed musician of the same name.

Those who have encountered Stevie Wonder have said that this strain provides a predominantly cerebral high that begins just behind the eyes, bringing a burst of euphoria and a subdued yet relaxing body buzz to its user.

Stevie Wonder's teal green flowers are incredibly dense, and each of them has a host of shimmering translucent trichomes and rusty pistils coating its entire surface.

A floral, citrus and pine aroma wafts from Stevie Wonder's beautiful buds, which is complemented by the strain's tropical citrus fruit and sandalwood flavor.

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