Straight A's Haze


This totally cerebral sativa-dominant hybrid strain descended from the fantastic strain Delahaze

About Straight A's Haze

Cereal Killer Genetics is the creator of the sativa-dominant cannabis strain Straight A's Haze, a derivative of Delahaze said to provide a clear-headed cerebral high.

The scent that comes from Straight A's Haze buds is somewhat spicy and smells distinctly of sandalwood, and when this strain is vaporized or smoked it often has a similarly woody flavor that mingles beautifully with tasty notes of citrus.

Straight A's Haze's high is thoroughly uplifting, clear headed, and focused, which is likely why some cannabis users find this strain to be extraordinarily motivating.

This strain's flowers are long, cone-shaped, and very lumpy, and the entire exterior of each of these flowers is covered in short orange pistils and a halo of translucent trichomes.

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