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Strawberry Blondie

A flavorful and uplifting indica-dominant cannabis hybrid of Banana OG and Strawberry Banana


About Strawberry Blondie

The powerful indica-dominant hybrid strain Strawberry Blondie blends together Banana OG with Strawberry Banana, resulting in a delicious strain with thoroughly relaxing effects.

Flowers of Strawberry Blondie are said to have an intriguingly sweet and fruity scent, but when this strain is vaporized or smoked it takes on its amazing ripe strawberry and banana flavor.

Strawberry Banana's fluffy flowers have a leafy green hue that is accented by copper-colored pistils and a gentle dusting of shimmering trichomes.

The effects provided by Strawberry Banana are said to be cerebrally uplifting and invigorating, but the physical high that this strain provides is subtle and tingly.