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Strawberry Blue

A fantastically invigorating sativa-dominant cross of Strawberry and Blue Line


About Strawberry Blue

A mostly sativa cannabis strain from World of Seeds, Strawberry Blue combines the rare strain Blue Line with flavorful Strawberry to create a sweet strain with potent cerebral effects.

Expect for flowers of Strawberry Blue to have a saturated forest green color, each of their fluffy, lumpy buds is indiscriminately adorned with reddish pistils and a glistening coat of trichomes.

Often, these buds give off an earthy, fruity aroma, a scent that is accentuated when this strain is smoked which gives this strain its delectable strawberry flavor.

Strawberry Blue's high is generally quite heady, as the strain delivers uplifting, talkative, and giggly effects that invigorate and energize its user.