Strawberry Cough

A euphoric sativa-dominant strain known for its delicious strawberry flavor
About Strawberry Cough

A strawberry-flavored sativa-dominant cannabis strain known for its euphoric buzz, Strawberry Cough is a strain with a genetic heritage that is shrouded in mystery.

Strawberry Cough is beloved by many cannabis enthusiasts because it is said to provide an invigorating cerebral buzz that promotes happy, creative thoughts and soothing physical effects without being too relaxing for daytime medication.

The big, fluffy flowers that Strawberry Cough produces have a pale sage green hue, but covering the surface of every flower is a coat of whitish trichomes and brick red pistils.

Strawberry Cough's flowers have an earthy scent that hints at the strain's unmistakably delicious ripe strawberry flavor.

1 Review
4 months ago
Strawberry Cough is a very popular Sativa Dominant strain with beautiful delicate matte green buds covered by shiny dark orange "hairs" and a sticky resin layer with a super sweet berries smell. Its effects leaves the user feeling excited and care free as the mind feels a bit careless but focused while the body feel "suave" enough to just follow whatever you are thinking on doing.
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